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Uketa is a leading smoking accessory supplier in Shanghai.



Since our establishment in 2005, we have been committed to designing and manufacturing reliable, stylish smoking accessories that meet the needs of our customers.



With a strong focus on innovation, Uketa has obtained over 20 patents across various product categories. Our diverse product range includes vaporizers, cannabis packaging and smoking accessories.


We pride ourselves not only on the breadth of our product offerings but also on our continuous efforts to understand and address consumer pain points. Through this dedication, we constantly strive to improve our existing products and create innovative solutions.


Our products are selling well in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, and many other countries. We have built long-term business relationships with a number of reputable customers in the market. At Uketa, we value the establishment of enduring business relationships with our clients.


To ensure the quality, we have assembled a professional QC team with extensive expertise in production processes, design, material selection, mold techniques, packaging, and quality control. This expertise guarantees the production of reliable products.


We understand the importance of effective communication with our customers. Therefore, we warmly welcome your inquiries. Our team is dedicated to listening to your needs, providing professional suggestions, and delivering tangible benefits to your business.


Choose Uketa as your trusted partner in the smoking accessory. Together, we can achieve excellence in product quality, affordability, reliability, and innovation.


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    Always impress users with products and services





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    Open innovation | Consumer Value Creation



    Enabling employees to achieve their dreams



    Be a company our competitors respect


With our reliable quality and excellent services, our products are welcomed in more than 30 countries, 

such as USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and Japan, etc.

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  • Leading Smoking

    Accessories Supplier


    Recommended Products

    Recommended Products

    Recommended Products

    Recommended Products

    We focus on Smoking Accessories from 2005, have 18 years experience in this field. Our product range also including CR packaging for cannabis.


  • Guarantee for stable and controllable quality



    Recommended Products

    Recommended Products

    We have our own professional QC team. In 40% of our products, we make 100% products inspection in production line.

  • One-stop shopping on Smoking accessories

    You can get whatever you want on Smoking accessories, we also can provide design making, door to door delivery service for you.

  • Professional Team to bring you more benefits

    We focus on smoking market for 18 years, we will listen to you, will make professional suggestions and will bring you more benefits.